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CHSOS disseminates low-cost imaging methods for art documentation through the blog and the training programs. I have been asked how much that it will cost. It is pretty straitghforward. You’ll contact me and we’ll discuss length, dates and topics based on your expectations, needs and your actual background and skills. The training can take place either in the CHSOS studio in Sicily or at your location.


training on multispectral imaging

Muge Uckan is per­form­ing high res­o­lu­tion mul­ti­spec­tral imag­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion of the cru­ci­fix in the San Leone church in Assoro. Muge took the train­ing on mul­ti­spec­tral imag­ing for art exam­i­na­tion in Novem­ber 2013.

The trainings are:

  • INTENSIVE (6h/day) in order to optimize your time and the traveling and lodging costs.
  • HANDS-ON. you can study the theory when you are cozily at home on papers and references I’ll provide you.

The fee structure is straightforward:

  • 500 euro per day of training (6 hours).The fee/day is shared among the participants.You can take it on your own and sustain all the costs or you can take it with friends and colleagues and split up the expenses.This is an example of 5-days program
training-program.pdf (383 downloads)


Training at the CHSOS studio in Sicily

Your traveling and lodging expenses to the CHSOS studio are:
– I’ll drive you from and to Catania (CTA) airport. FREE
– 30 euro/night at a 5 “ walking distance B&B, Casa­lotto Inn.
– < 15 euro food and drinks/day
– If you are alone or you are a few students this is the most cost-effective option
– You will be involved in art documentation field projects in Sicily

Example 1. Training at the CHSOS studio in Sicily, 5 days, 3 students.

500 euro x 5 days = 2500 euro (total fee) This is all you will have to pay if you are alone.
2500 / 3 = 833 euro (cost per each student)
You pay for your own travel and lodging.


Training at your location
Additional fees for training in your location
750 euro (Europe – Schengen area- EU).
1250 euro (extra EU)
Students or your Institution pay for my traveling and lodging expenses.

– This is the most cost-effective option if you are a group of people. The more the students, the less each one will pay for.
– The training could focus on your local art. Actual results could be produced during the training.

Example 2. Training at your location (Europe/ Schengen area), 5 days, 5 students.
500 euro x 5 days = 2500 euro (total fee)
750 euro = my fee for training abroad in Europe – Schengen area
Traveling expenses (just an example) (350 euro) + lodging (500) = 850 euro
Total = 2500 + 750 + 850 = 4100 euro
Total/student = 4100/5 =820 euro


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