CHSOS is collaborating with PixelTeq to evaluate a new filter-wheel based monochromatic camera tailored to the multispectral imaging examination of art. The mission of Cultural Heritage Science Open Source (CHSOS) is to promote, develop and evaluate low-cost technologies for art documentation and examination in order to benefit the largest community of medium and small museums and cultural institutions which notoriously run on limited budget. Imaging technologies are the main target of CHSOS mission because they provide the most of the information at the lower cost. The new multispectral system will be evaluated on the pigments checkers and on a collection of Sicilian art and historical documents.

pixelteq multispectral camera

Marco Snikkers from Pixelteq, installing and testing the new multispectral imaging camera at the CHSOS studio in Sicily.


This system is of interest for the cultural heritage sector because of its hardware simplicity (it is fully functional out of the box) and ease of use.  It is also appreciated thanks to its relatively contained cost, lightweight and small dimensions. It could make multispectral imaging accessible to any user – speeding the imaging documentation process.  It features a 5 Megapixel sequential 8-band filter-wheel based multispectral imager UV-VIS-NIR and delivers images of 8 spectral bands at full frame resolution using standard and custom interchangeable optical filters.

Marco Snikkers from PixelTeq brought the equipment on July the 3rd and we paid a visit to Master Domenico Di Mauro, one of the few last Sicilian cart painters; he is currently 101 years young. We visited his studio, he‘s still working, and we analyzed some 1920′ pieces of his collection of Sicilian carts. I, my friends and my family enjoyed spending time with Marco and becoming friends this is going to be a fruitful  collaboration which could lead to the development of a system specifically engineered for art examination.

pixelteq multispectral camera sicilian cart painter

Marco with Master Domenico di Mauro (rigth) and his son Nello (left). Master Di Mauro is 101 years old and still painting.


pixelteq multispectral camera sicilian cart

Marco acquiring multispectral images of a Sicilian cart piece dating 1920’.