This application case results from a collaboration with Giovanni Landi  – a Mobile AR (Augmented Reality) solution engineer. He designs and develops mobile applications based on AR and Realtime 3D and he has a keen interest on art examination and documentation. I am collaborating with Giovanni providing multispectral imaging datasets of works of art to explore the application of Augmented Reality for their visualization. Giovanni developed an app that allows to explore the images switching among the layers using the fingers. The app recognizes the painting and allows the user to interactively explore the multispectral images. Very cool! This  new app was just pre­sented at the Aug­mented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA. Mul­ti­spec­tral images pro­vided by CHSOS were used as the case study. Unfortunately, the app is currently available only for beta test. Following a video and the the presentation where he used the multispectral images of a Sicilian painting.


app for multispectral imaging

The iPad app for multispectral imaging by Giovanni Landi.

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