SHARE your Training program with CHSOS!

CHSOS is launching the Shared Training option.  So far, you could request and schedule a training program at your best convenience at the CHSOS studio in Sicily or you could request it in your location. Though, students and some professionals cannot afford the total fee of a full 5 day program on their own.  CHSOS mission is to disseminate innovative, affordable and sustainable technologies for art examination and documentation and the request for affordable training program was listened. In order to cut your training fee, you can participate to a shared training program.  There is a proposed training program every two months, 5 days (Monday-Friday). The total fee is 2500 euro and this will be divided among the participants, min 1, max 4. You have to pre-book 1 months ahead. On the fee and calendar page there is a counter showing the current number of students pre-booked .  Contact me to pre-book and further questions.


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