Augmented Reality App for conservators

CHSOS presented with University of California San Diego an Augmented Reality app – ARtifact

[1]. This app uses the see-through camera on tablets to recognize the work of art being studied and overlay elements of diagnostic imaging and analytical data. This app allows to merge imaging data and spectral analysis in one singular platform, where the user can interact with the data and the artifact.  This will make it easier for conservators and scientists to repeat analytical exams. CHSOS has already tested another Augmented Reality app created by Giovanni Landi.  ARtifact app adds the integration of analytical data.

During the second week of November, collaborators from CISA3 Samantha Stout and David Vanoni joined forces in Florence to present a poster in the Scientific Symposium at the General Assembly of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). The symposium was titled “Heritage and Landscape as Human Values” and the poster was part of Theme 5: Emerging tools for conservation practice.

ICOMOS Augmented Reality ARtifact

D. Vanoni, S. Stout, A. Cosentino, F. Kuester, “Artifact Conservation: Representation and Analysis of Spectroscopic and Multispectral Imaging Data Using Augmented Reality” ICOMOS 18th General Assembly, Emerging tools for Conservation Practice, Nov 9-14 2014, Florence, Italy.

Download ICOMOS 2014 Poster.pdf (616 downloads)

The Symposium was packed with many interesting speakers, and the five themes ran in simultaneous sessions.  Even though the CHSOS and CISA3 team was only accepted for a poster and not a talk, when the session chairs noticed that a few speakers did not show, Samantha and David got the chance to give a demo of the application in action!  During the closing ceremony of the Assembly, when the session chairs gave their final reports the impromptu talk was recognized for the quality of the work and the dedication of the presenters. The poster described a case study for new features on the augmented reality tablet application that David has been developing as part of his thesis work in Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD.  For this recent development we used the technical photography and XRF data collected on a piece of traditionally decorated 1920’s Sicilian cart. Data have been published [2].  The app allowed to incorporate the XRF data from Samantha’s analysis on the technical photographs and to create maps of the point studied and add annotations.

Augmented reality app multispectral

ARtifact app. “Wipe-off” comparison of visible (VIS) image with ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) image.

Augmented reality app multispectral XRF

ARtifact. Augmented reality overlay showing points where spectral data was collected.



[1] D. Vanoni, M. Seracini, F. Kuester “ARtifact: Tablet-Based Augmented Reality for Interactive Analysis of Cultural Artifacts” Multimedia (ISM), 2012 IEEE International Symposium, 2012, pp 44-49.

[2] A. Cosentino, S. Stout  “Pho­to­shop and Mul­ti­spec­tral Imag­ing for Art Doc­u­men­ta­tion” e-Preservation Sci­ence, 11, 91–98, 2014.

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