Training for the Cyprus Institute

Just delivered a training program for a researcher of the prestigious Cyprus Institute –Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) and Imaging Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (ICACH). Next training program is scheduled Feb 2-5 2015 and booking is available until Dec 31st. INFO HERE. The next training will enjoy the collaboration with PixelTeq which will provide their new multispectral camera. This last training program inaugurated the collaboration with the Sicilian carts museum in Aci Sant’Antonio, opened just recently in summer 2014. We wants to contribute to the cultural program of this museum, providing the first scientific examination of its collection. The Sicilian cart is an ornate, colorful style of horse drawn cart native to the island of Sicily. Aci Sant’Antonio played a pivotal role in the development of this fashion since it was the location of the painters specialized in the decoration of the carts.

Sicilian carts museum 01

1st Training Day. The training program started in the studio practicing with the equipment (in the photo panoramic infrared reflectography).dddddddd

Sicilian carts museum 02

2nd Training Day. Examination of the collection of the Sicilian carts museum in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily).

Sicilian carts museum 03

3rd Training Day. Infrared Reflectography of the panel paintings at the the Sicilian carts museum in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily).

Sicilian carts museum 04

Visiting Master Domenico Di Mauro. At 101 years old, he’s still painting and sustaining the traditional art of the Sicilian carts decoration.


Sicilian carts museum 05

Master Domenico Di Mauro working on his latest painting.

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