2014 Achievements

Thank you! CHSOS has enjoyed the engagement of a wide community. People just following the updates on the website or actually requiring art examination and training services. This community has motivated CHSOS to achieve important goals in 2014. CHSOS could pursue its mission to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for art examination which are being adopted by museums and cultural institutions worldwide. This knowledge is disseminated through this website, publications on open access journals and the training programs. CHSOS has served an international audience and has promoted Art Conservation field projects in Italy through academic collaborations.

These results have been possible thanks to the supporting community that each of you represents. Thank YOU!

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CHSOS disseminates innovative technologies and methods for art examination through 3 channels, website, publications on open access journals and fully hands-on training programs. Since 2012 the website has enjoyed a growing followers community which is kept informed with weekly posts. On the other side, CHSOS has increased the number of open access publications to provide scholarly peer reviewed material. Eventually, training programs are now delivered bi-monthly and provide hands-on and intensive instruction.


2014 CHSOS worldmap

CHSOS aims to to be a global reference for art examination. CHSOS serves the international community with art examination and training programs delivered on-site thanks to the traveling equipment set up. CHSOS has raised interest in Academia and has been invited guest speaker in meetings dealing with innovative and affordable methods for art documentation.


CHSOS has steadily increased its equipment. In the last two years CHSOS has become a reference for Technical Photography (Infrared, Ultraviolet and Visible light photographic methods) and infrared reflectography. In 2014 CHSOS has acquired a reflectance spectroscopy system (FORS).


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