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CHSOS is promoting collaborations between the Sicilian Carts Museum and Research institutions.  This museum is located in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily) where  CHSOS operates. CHSOS wants to contribute to the museum’s development and offers itself as an intermediary between this local institution and research centers which are looking for museums to test their innovative solutions. CHSOS is inviting institution interested to test service for museums such as Augmented Reality with tablets for paintings.

Call for Collaboration Sicilian Carts Museum.pdf (139 downloads)

The Sicilian Carts Museum.

Aci Sant’Antonio is a small village in Sicily, on the slopes of Volcano Etna. The town opened just recently in summer 2014 its Sicilian carts museum. This is a colorful style of horse drawn cart native to Sicily. This art was developed in the late eighteen hundreds and has become a symbol of the island’s cultural identity. Aci Sant’Antonio played a pivotal role in the development of this art since it collected most of the painters’ workshops. One of these painters is still living and painting, Master Domenico di Mauro, He’s currently 101 years old and is recognized as part of the Sicilian immaterial cultural heritage. The museum is kept open by volunteering young painters which try to keep alive and pass on this art.

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Why this museum?

eCult Observatory.
The eCult Obser­va­tory nom­i­nated CHSOS its eCult ambas­sador. The eCult Obser­va­tory is the on-line por­tal of the eCult­Value project, co-funded by the FP7 Euro­pean Com­mis­sion ICT program. CHSOS is a promoter of inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies in muse­ums within the eCult Obser­va­tory consortium.

This is a local museum owned and administered by the town. It is run by volunteers. These condition allow for a great flexibility and easy access to authorizations for research publications.

Great Logistics
CHSOS studio and the museum are both in Aci Sant’Antonio, just 30 minutes driving from Catania’s airport, the 5th largest Italian airport. There are plenty of direct flights to the main Italian towns and European capitals.

Intl Hub.
CHSOS plans to make this museum an hub where the collaborating institutions could meet and exchange their knowledge. This would be facilitated since the museum is registered to the eCult Observatory and it is a field project for the CHSOS training programs.



Tag Cloud.
Since the limited budget of this local museum, Tag cloud has been chosen as the perfect low cost solution to generate engagement through social media, augmented reality and storytelling.

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Sicilian carts art research supported by CHSOS:
Pho­to­shop and Mul­ti­spec­tral Imag­ing for Art Doc­u­men­ta­tion” e-Preservation Sci­ence.
“Arti­fact Con­ser­va­tion: Rep­re­sen­ta­tion and Analy­sis of Spec­tro­scopic and Mul­ti­spec­tral Imag­ing Data Using Aug­mented Real­ity” ICOMOS 18th. ICOMOS 2014 Poster.pdf (616 downloads)


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