See you at COLOURS 2015



CHSOS is invited speaker and scientific advisor at COLOURS 2015.

CHSOS will talk about “Innovation and Sustainability in Technical Art Examination and Color Documentation”

This conference will celebrate the UNESCO declared International Year of Light and light- based Technologies. The topic would be Color in its wide perspectives in art: how scientific disciplines contribute to art conservation and examination through the measure of colors and the understanding of their origin. The conference will bring together scientists and conservators and it will be a nice occasion to hear about recent technologies and methods that involve the study of colors in cultural heritage. COLOURS 2015 is an international conference and will take place in Évora University (Portugal) from Sept 24 to 26, 2015. Abstracts submission deadline April 30.

Milene Gil, Évora University, is among the organizers and she took the CHSOS Oct 2014 Training program. CHSOS greatly appreciated to have been invited as speaker and scientific adviser.


It’s our commitment that conservators, conservation scientists and the other professionals that take the course keep a strong relationship with us and regard CHSOS as an OPEN SOURCE of knowledge to pursue the advancement of their education into innovative and sustainable technologies for art examination and documentation, even after they get back to their workplaces.



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