Training for a Conservation Studio in Vicenza, Italy

CHSOS just delivered a training program on Technical Photography (TP) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) to the Arlango Art Conservation team (Vicenza, Italy).

This training was part of the Action Research “Optical Techniques for advanced on site Diagnostics of works of art”, partially funded by Veneto region within the European Social Fund. This initiative between the University of Verona and Arlango Conservation Studio aims to prepare a young researcher into advanced, mobile and low–cost optical techniques that can be used on site during conservation projects.

This goal fits with the mission of CHSOS and Claudia Daffara, professor at University of Verona and promoter of this Action Research, invited CHSOS to deliver a two days training.

Carlo Reghelin is the researcher that took the classes. He has a background in computer science and image analysis.  The morning of the 1st day was dedicated to test Technical Photography (TP) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) on the pigments checker, a collection of 54 historical pigments. In the evening we performed Technical Photography (TP) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) on a Madonna and Child panel painting currently under conservation. It showed to have been heavily retouched and posed a number of questions, in particular, regarding how much of the original was left behind the later additions. On the 2nd day we practiced panoramic photography for documentation of large paintings.

This has been the 9th training program so far and the 2nd in 2015. CHSOS is glad that a renowned Art Conservation studio, such as Arlango, has chosen CHSOS to develop its art diagnostics workflow. Arlango  is now part of the growing list of former training participants.

arlango CHSOS training

The Action Research team at Arlango Art Conservation Studio is ready to examine a panel painting with Technical Photography and Infrared Reflectography.



Technical Photography (TP) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) of the heavily retouched panel painting examined on the 1st day.

panoramic technical photography CHSOS Arlango training

2nd day. We practiced Panoramic Technical Photography to document a large painting with high resolution.

arlango technical photography

Post-processing and examination of the technical photos acquired during the training.


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