53% funding in one week!

Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. We got already 53% of the necessary fund! The funding campaign will last 2 month and we are really optimistic to raise the $5000 necessary to make the system.

For the first time, research funding will come directly from the final users of this new tool for scientific examination of works of art. Art conservation professionals of any nationality are invited to participate and add multispectral imaging to their skills . We are counting on all the professionals that have been following the CHSOS website and have used it as a free source of valuable information for their workflow and research.

Multispectral imaging is not invasive and is successfully used in art examination to map and identify pigments, to localize retouches and to enhance the reading of old documents. We will significantly spread the use of this technology by developing a low-cost multispectral imaging system. This project will benefit a transnational community of professionals involved in art conservation.

Participate to the first crowdfunded Art Conservation Science project!

Transnational collaboration through micro-contributions

This is going to be a transnational effort! We got contributions from US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Belgium, even from Puerto Rico! We expect to receive contributions from even more countries!


Countries contributing to the first crowd funding campaign for Art Conservation Science





It’s  stimulating to receive encouraging testimonials from rt conservation professionals from a number of Countries!

Chris Cox, Senior Computer Scientist on Photoshop at Adobe Systems, Inc.
“I really want to see this CHSOS project succeed.  Releasing a reasonably priced, usable, open source multispectral camera system will significantly advance adoption of multispectral techniques in art, archaeology, and other domains.”

Angela Campbell, Assistant Conservator in Paper Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.
“I have been following Antonino’s work for the past five years, I trust his commitment to developing an affordable Multispectral Imaging System, and I look forward to learning about the results of this project.”

Tim Zaman, PhD Researcher, Delft University of Technology.
“In cultural heritage imaging, there is a need for pragmatic pioneers that are passionate about giving the field easy access to scientific tools. Organizations like CHSOS fit this role, but the effort should be collaborative. Therefore have to give mutual support to promote and motivate.”

Antonio Martinez, Professor of Physics, University of Puerto Rico.
“I have been following CHSOS for a while now and I am confident that they can bring this project to fruition.  It is consistent with CHSOS initiatives to empower the members of the Cultural Heritage community through training and pointing to accessible instrumentation and techniques.”

Moshe Caine, Head of Interactive Communications and New Media, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem Conservation Imaging Technologies – Haifa University Department of Archaeology.
“Antonino has been at the forefront of conservation imaging for many years and has a proven track record in the field. I have been a follower of CHSOS and I trust their commitment to make this project happen!”

Elisa Di Stefano, Researcher at INAF, Italian Institute for Astrophysics.
“The development of low cost instrumentation supported by the experience will be very helpful for all the people that have a low budget and want operate in the field of Art and Archeology.”


We got micro contributions, few dollars or in the range of $15 – $25. These are the most welcomed donation! They come from people that want to send their encouragment. These are professionals interested in the connection between Art and Science, those working in museums or researchers.   This project has also very attractive perks.

For $300 we donate the pigments checker, our collection of 54 historical pigments. It is a good deal for those, private and institutions, interested in pigments identification on works of art. You can use it to test your analytical equipment or for scientific educational programs.

For $500 you get also a 1 day training on this new system. “Supporters” contribute  with $1000 and they play a special role in the development of the project. Currently we have already one special Supporter, the International Platform for Art Research and Conservation  (IPARC), Belgium.


This is our gift for your $300 donation. A pigments checker, a collection of 54 historical pigments. This is an valuable tool to learn technical photography and to practice spectroscopic techniques.




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