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Our Sicilian Carts Museum features in the eCult interactive book (pp 65-66) “Success Stories: eCultValue”.

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CHSOS was at the eCult Winter Stage, Athens, Greece, December 8-9 2014. To advance cultural experience through the use of ICT, was the topic of the Winter Stage, organised by the eCultValue project together with the Acropolis Museum.  “There was a huge interest in the event, with more than 60 registered participants – more than expected. Participation in the eCult Winter Stage was meant to assist eCult Ambassadors in becoming the proactive mediators between technology providers and cultural heritage stakeholders who will promote and facilitate the ICT adoption in museums and other similar organizations for better access to and experience of cultural patrimony. ”

While at the Winter Stage we promoted the Sicilian Carts Museum as a case study of a small local museum which can benefit from specific low-cost ICT tools developed through the eCult Observatory.

eCult Interactive eBook Sicilian Carts Museum

eCult Interactive eBook
Sicilian Carts Museum


Presenting the Sicilian Carts Museum in Athens at the eCult Winter Stage (December 2014)

The Sicilian Carts Museum is one of our Field Projects for the CHSOS Training programs.  Next Training is scheduled 22-24 June. Reserve it before May 31th!


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