Just published  “Multispectral Imaging and the Art Expert” Spectroscopy Europe, 27, 2, 2015.

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Multispectral Imaging and the Art Expert (966 downloads)


Multispectral Imaging and the Art Expert Cosentino

A. Cosentino “Multispectral Imaging and the Art Expert” Spectroscopy Europe, 27, 2, 2015.


This work has been possible thanks to PixelTeq which kindly provided the SpectroCam VIS and the filters set.

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Multispectral imaging  (MSI) systems are being used more and more often by art conservators and conservation scientists. They are used to map and identify pigments, binders and retouches on works of art. They are also used to visually enhance old and faded documents. These systems are becoming popular in this field because they are simple, affordable, lightweight and small. Sampling on important works of art is not possible and this is the main reason why only non-invasive techniques, such as MSI, are becoming increasingly popular to assist with undertaking conservation decisions.


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Multispectral imaging  (MSI) systems

MSI for art conservation is performed with a variety of equipment. It is likely though, that its spreading in this field would be boosted by its most affordable setup: a monochromatic camera and a set of a few bandpass filters.