203% Funded by 43 awesome friends from 16 Countries

Our crowdfunding campaign is done! We just got over funded and we collected 203% of the goal funding in 2 months! We got 43 contributions from 16 Countries.

Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. For the first time, research funding is coming directly from the final users of this new tool for scientific examination of works of art. Multispectral imaging is not invasive and is successfully used in art examination to map and identify pigments, to localize retouches and to enhance the reading of old documents. We will significantly spread the use of this technology through this low-cost multispectral imaging system.

Thanks so much to all the professionals that trust CHSOS and supported this initiative:



Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology 2

Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology



Thanks for supporting the CHSOS initiative!


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