Save the Soul of Savoca. CHSOS Invited Speaker.

CHSOS is invited speaker at “Save the Soul of Savoca” August 6th 7PM, Church of San Michele in Savoca (Sicily).

CHSOS has collaborated with a local organization that has promoted the study of the church and its conservation through a crowdfunding campaign.

The cultural heritage of countries such as Italy is enormous and often artistic and archaeological treasures are located in small villages and consequently they are not well preserved and taken care of. Funding from governments represents the main resource for initiatives related to cultural heritage preservation and promotion but the recent economic crisis has encouraged the development of new tools for funding this kind of initiatives: crowdfunding.
“Save the Soul of Savoca – Salviamo i dipinti della chiesa di San Michele” crowdfunding campaign was just recently launched in Savoca (Italy) by a local organization grown into the parish of the village in order to promote the conservation of a cycle of 17th century wall paintings.
CHSOS contributed the technical documentation and assessment of the wall paintings with technical photography (high resolution visible, raking, infrared and ultraviolet photography) and reflectance spectroscopy in order to examine painting techniques and materials. The technical photography documentation was also essential to understand the actual representations of the scenes of the cycle and attribute it to specific artists.

Save the Soul of Savoca CHSOS


Save the Soul of Savoca


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