Just published “Multispectral imaging system using 12 interference filters for mapping pigments” Conservar Património 21, 25-38, 2015.


Multispectral imaging systems are used in art examination in order to map pigments and binders as well as retouches. This work presents a simple system composed of a monochromatic CCD camera and a set of only 12 interference filters characterized by different bandwidths and spacing throughout the covered electromagnetic spectrum (400-805 nm). The reasoning supporting the selection of these specific filters is discussed, as well as, the results obtained on a collection of 54 historical pigments and on a series of 18th century frescoes in Sicily.  Generally, the filters set for similar systems are chosen equally spaced across the recorded spectrum. For this study the center wavelength and the bandwidth of these filters have been chosen accordingly to the spectral features of historical pigments. This system allows only for a qualitative reconstruction of pigments reflectance spectra.  It must be considered a valuable tool for segmenting the images of polychrome artworks and to identify areas of interest for further analytical examinations if more conclusive results are necessary.

pigments checker v2 vsPigments Checker is for photographers, conservators and scientists interested in technical documentation of paintingss. It has 54 swatches of historical pigments designed for infrared photography, ultraviolet photography and other technical photographic methods for art examination. Check it out!

Pigments Checker is a collection of 54 swatches of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments that have been applied using gum ara­bic as a binder on a cel­lu­lose and cot­ton water­color paper, acids and lignin free. This paper is not treated with opti­cal bright­en­ers, it’s slightly UV flu­o­res­cent, and it reflects IR. Two cross-hair lines, 0,2 mm (ver­ti­cal) and 0.4 mm (hor­i­zon­tal) are printed on each swatch of paper before the appli­ca­tion of paint, in order to have a means to eval­u­ate the pig­ments’ trans­parency in the IR and IRR imag­ing. Among all the pig­ments and their vari­eties ever used in art these pig­ments col­lec­tion select the most used ones from antiquity to early 1950’.


Multispectral imaging system using 12 interference filters for mapping pigments

A. Cosentino “Multispectral imaging system using 12 interference filters for mapping pigments” Conservar Património 21, 25-38, 2015.


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