Our Collaborator in Italy: Terrarossa Studio

Terrarossa Studio is a group of Conservation Scientists operating in Southern Italy in different fields of cultural heritage materials analysis. We joined our expertise and skills in order to provide a more advanced service. Contact: mariacristinacaggiani@virgilio.it

We first got in contact when Terrarossa launched its initiative and they requested out Training program on Technical Photography for Art Documentation.  Read more on the Belgian Association of Conservators Bulletin.

They were among our first former students and we are now collaborators joining CHSOS extensive expertise in mobile imaging diagnostics with Terrarossa’s analytical skills.

CHSOS is looking for collaborators to promote its mission internationally. CHSOS joins passionate and skilled international professionals to: disseminate and provide innovative, affordable and sustainable methodologies for art documentation and examination.

Contact us now if:

  • You have been following CHSOS for a while once you found us on the internet. You are fascinated by our mission to disseminate innovative and sustainable methods for art examination and documentation and you want to be part of this effort.
  • You wish to have the CHSOS equipment and service at your studio for your art research and projects.
  • You believe in transnational collaboration among innovative and entrepreneurial professionals.
  • You see CHSOS growing fast and you wish to be part of it.
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