Pigments Checker – new interactive table

We just added a new interactive table to easily retrieve technical info on each of the 54 historical pigments on our Pigments Checker.

It is now immediate to read the info provided by the manufacturer and also check the 2 main web resources on artistic pigments, Pigments Through the Ages and the new Colourlex.

Visit the Pigments Checker table

Pigments Checker is both a research and service project. We want to provide professionals in the art conservation sector with a practical tool to test their equipment or develop new methodologies for historical pigments identification. We do our best to enhance the quality of the Pigments Checker tool by adding new pigments and features.

We are giving Pigments Checker for only 420 euro, just until Dec 31th. FREE shipping and handling.

Purchasing our Pigments Checker  you directly sustain CHSOS and its mission to disseminate innovative, affordable and sustainable practices for scientific examination and documentation of works of art and archaeology.


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  1. Pigments Checker - Bianca Madden November 7, 2015 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    […] Science Open Source, following on from the Multispectral Imaging for Art initiative, is their Pigments Checker for historical pigments. It has 54 swatches of historical pigments designed for infrared […]

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