Training Fine Art Appraisers

We just delivered a 4-days training program for a Fine Art appraiser visiting CHSOS studio from Orlando, Florida, USA.

Dennis Devona is a USPAP Certified Appraiser and he runs ARTIFACTS LLC Appraisals. He has being buying and selling Antiques and Fine Arts for over 40 years in all categories as well as pursuing research for authentication for private clients as well as small and large auction houses. He has been collaborating with institutions such as Brown U, the Winterthur, US Naval Archives (Early Section in DC), NY Historical Society, Library of Congress (DC), Musee de la Marine (Paris).

He thinks that it will help him to have some technical art examination tools for his work as Antiques and Fine Arts adviser. That’s why when he found out about CHSOS Training programs he booked a 4-days course and he made it to the CHSOS in Italy.

His curiosity regarding the Technical Art Examination methods proposed by CHSOS steams from his previous experience as developer of Surgical Instruments for about 14 years! Differently than any other Fine Art appraiser I know, Dennis works across these two such different industries.

A rare example of Fine Art Expert with a Technical and Scientific background.

Wish Dennis all the success with the new technical background acquired at CHSOS Studio in Italy.

Next Training Program Scheduled for Dec 4-6. More Info.


December 2015 Training program small


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