Pigments Checker New Version (2.1)

We released Pigments Checker v.2.1. We constantly add features to improve this tool:

It comes with our new Multispectral Imaging calibration card.
Commercial gray cards for photography cannot be used for multispectral imaging since they absorb near UV and violet radiation. We developed a gray card to cover the 400-1000 nm spectral range. It has 6 swatches, pure white, 4 grays and pure black. Their respective reflectance values are (%): 100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 0,5.

Take our Training program and Learn how to use the calibration card with our Multispectral Imaging system.

MSI calibration card s





Rigid support.

We made Pigments Checker more durable adding a rigid finnboard support. We use a pure wood pulped paper (thickness 3 mm).



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