Raman Spectroscopy for Pigments Checker

Maria Cristina Caggiani, PhD, expert in spectroscopic techniques for the study of cultural heritage is analyzing Pigments Checker with Raman Spectroscopy (Horiba-Xplora Raman Spectrometer with 3 excitations, 532, 638 e 785 nm), Horiba is thanked for their support. Maria Cristina answered the call for collaborators for this new project.

We want make Pigments Checker a valid tool for Scientific Research in Art Conservation. We will identify and thoroughly characterize each pigment with a number of techniques. An international team of Laboratories and Research Groups involved in Scientific Art Examination are collaborating with us and they will contribute to the Free and Downloadable spectral database of  pigments used in Pigments CheckerRaman, XRF, FTIR and XRD.

We have already provided Reflectance spectra which can be accessed and downloaded from the interactive table.

DOWNLOAD Database: A. Cosentino “FORS spec­tral data­base of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments in dif­fer­ent binders” e-conservation Jour­nal 2, 57–68, 2014.



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