Training a Fine Art Photographer

We just delivered a 3-days Training program to Rene Gerritsen, Fine Art Photographer in Amsterdam. He generously contributed to our Low-cost Multispectral Imaging Crowd funding Campaign.

We covered technical photography, infrared reflectography, reflectance spectroscopy, multispectral imaging and RTI. The 3rd day we moved to Savoca for field project in collaboration with Save The Soul of Savoca, the first crowd-funding for Art Conservation in Sicily.

Next Training program is scheduled Feb 15-17. Read more info.


Willy Valk from Hands on Social Media accompanied us in Savoca and kindly shot the pictures of us working in the new case studies.

Reflectance Transformation Imaging to read incisions (San Michele Church, Savoca).

Technical Photography to read manuscripts (Savoca)


Technical photography of marble incisions


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