CHSOS offers the Technical Photography Filters Set at 970 euro + 20 euro shipping. They are the 4 filters (52 mm thread) that we use for our Art examination service and we test in our research publications.
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Technical Photography (TP) for Art diagnostics represents a collection of broadband spectral images realized with a modified digital camera (covering the 360-1100 nm spectral range), and different lighting sources and filters. In our Technical Photography (TP) Training module we illustrate photographic methods in 3 spectral bands: Ultraviolet, UV (360-400 nm), Visible, VIS (400-780 nm) and Infrared, IR (780-1100 nm): IR (Infrared), UVF (UV Fluorescence), UVR (UV Reflected), IRFC (Infrared False Color) and IRF (IR Fluorescence). These methods are used to reveal information such as underdrawing, pentimenti and inpaints. They can enhance the reading of faded documents and provide tentative identification of pigments.
The Technical Photography Filters Set can be used with any digital camera modified full spectrum to cover the 360-1100 nm range.

Technical Photography Filters Set (970 euro + 20 euro handling and shipping)  

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Publications using Technical Photography Filters Set

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