Free XRF Spectroscopy Database of Pigments Checker

We just published the new Free XRF Spectroscopy Database of Pigments Checker.

Pigments Checker is a collection of swatches of historical pigments that offers art professionals, conservation scientists, conservators and fine art photographers, a tool to evaluate and test their imaging and spectroscopic methodologies for pigment identification. “Pigments Checker Free Spectra Database” is an ongoing project to thoroughly characterize each pigment in the collection with a series of spectroscopic and imaging techniques and to make the data open access.

We just published the free and downloadable database of XRF spectra, adding to the reflectance spectral database already published.

Click here and browse the Pigments Table.

The MS excel database will be downloadable upon publication of the paper: R. Larsen, N. Coluzzi, A. Cosentino “Free XRF Spectroscopy database of Pigments Checker” Intl Journal of Conservation Science. Submitted Jan 2016.

Future analysis with Raman, FT-IR and XRD will be pursued in order to achieve a broader characterization of the pigments.

The XRF database was realized in collaboration with the St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Randolph K. Larsen, III PhD an expert in analytical chemistry and chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at St. Mary’s College of Maryland collected XRF data on Pigments Checker. Associate Professor Larsen has previously been involved in analyzing cultural heritage artifacts by numerous optical spectroscopy techniques. Nicolette Coluzzi, his research student was the operator who collected most of the data.

Randolph answered the call for collaborators for this new project: Pigments Checker Free Spectra Database.



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