Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology

Just published Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology.

A. Cosentino “Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology” Technologies, 4, 6, 2016.

Cultural Heritage scientists need methodologies to examine Art and Archaeology in order to understand artistic materials and techniques and devise better conservation procedures. This review discusses the most successful and promising applications of Terahertz (THz) technology in Cultural Heritage Science. THz is used in homeland security and for plenty of other industrial sectors and it presents a number of valuable features specifically for the investigation of Art and Archaeology: No radiation risk, low power, non-contact and reflection mode. Recent technical advancements are also making its application fast, mobile and relatively affordable creating a potential for its diffused implementation in museums. While THz is most promising for the investigation of multilayered art, such as paintings, it has been tested on a very large range of artifacts, from manuscripts to mummies and lacquered historical furniture.

Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science Examination of Art and Archaeology

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