3D laser scanning and Technical Photography for wall paintings

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CHSOS provides technical examination and documentation of wall paintings and this paper provides a new insight into the combination of Technical Photography and  3D laser scanning for archaeology.

This paper presents the outcomes of a multidisciplinary study conducted on the fresco palimpsest of the byzantine oratory (region C) of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in Syracuse. The 3D model was integrated with data from investigations made with portable X-ray Fluorescence  Spectroscopy (pXRF), and Technical Photography (TP), in order to obtain a unified representation of the knowledge acquired. The different layers of the frescoes present in the palimpsest could then be individually identified and characterized using the data extracted from the model. The arcosolium examined here is an illustrative case study characterized by clear artistic and archaeological stratifications.

Multidisciplinary investigations on the byzantine oratory of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in Syracuse

Download  Technical examination services for wall paintings (780 downloads)

Technical examination services for wall paintings


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