Pigments Checker v.3.0

Pigments Checker is a collection of pigments important in art history. Among all the pigments and their varieties ever used in art this collection selects the most used from antiquity to early 1950’. Pigments Checker is a standard tool designed for Art professionals, scientists, students and conservators to evaluate and practice non-invasive techniques for pigments identification.

We just released Pigments Checker v.3.

This version has major changes.

  • Binder. The pigments are mulled into an acrylic binder (Primal CM-330) which is added as needed for each pigment and applied with brush. This new acrylic binder will better preserve the pigments over time.
  • Replaced pigments. Madder lake from Kremer (372051) is discontinued and it is replaced by Madder lake from Cornelissen, LC12061A.
  • Added pigments.We  added 4 new pigments and the collection: Bitumen (Zecchi 0098), Cobalt blue (cobalt aluminate, Zecchi C0953),  Cobalt Chromite blue (cobalt chromite, Zecchi C0040), and Chrome yellow (Cornelissen LC11053F).

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