Crowdfunding per il patrimonio culturale nei centri storici minori

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Pasquale, A. Cosentino “Crowdfunding per il patrimonio culturale nei centri storici minori” Archeomatica, 2, 12-14, 2016.


Crowdfunding per il patrimonio culturale nei centri storici minori (256 downloads)

Funding granted by the State and local authorities is the main source for initiatives related to cultural heritage conservation. However, the current economic situation has led to the emergence and spread of tools and alternative financing methods through which to support art conservation, particularly in smaller towns. Crowdfunding is a form of microfinance from the bottom aimed at the creation and support of a collaborative process between individuals who use their money to support initiatives promoted by individuals or organizations. There are many examples of actual use of crowdfunding, by associations and committees, for the restoration of monuments of national interest.

This article illustrates the crowdfunding campaign “Save the Soul of Savoca” to fund the restoration of a series of eighteenth-century paintings in the small village of Savoca (ME). We present this initiative as a model for the preservation of the vast cultural heritage of our country, spread over many small villages.


Crowdfunding per il patrimonio culturale nei centri storici minori

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