How to examine Technical photos on Photoshop

We provide technical photography documentation service for different kinds of art and archaeology. We deliver to you a set of technical images that reveal important information on your piece of art. This video illustrates how you can use our set of Technical photography images with Photoshop to examine your object.
Technical Photography (TP) for Art diagnostics represents a collection of broadband spectral images realized with a modified digital camera (covering the 360-1100 nm spectral range), and different lighting sources and filters. The technical images are: RAK (Raking light), UVF (Ultraviolet Fluorescence), UVR (Reflected Ultraviolet), IR (Infrared), IRF (Infrared Fluorescence), IRFC (Infrared False Color), IRT (Transmitted Infrared).
We suggest to load the technical images on Photoshop as layers. They can be then switched on and off to compare each one with the visible layer or among them. It is then easy to zoom in and pan to carefully examine all the area.


Technical Photography. A. Cosentino “Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of pig­ments by mul­ti­spec­tral imag­ing a flow­chart method” Her­itage Sci­ence, 2:8, 2014.

Technical Photography. Example for the examination of a panel painting.

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CHSOS provides onsite art examination worldwide with our special  lightweight traveling equipment for imaging and spectroscopy analysis. CHSOS is based in Italy and we serve museums, private collectors and art authentication companies.
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