We just delivered a 5 days training program for Monash University, Australia and Malaysia campuses, in the Monash University Prato Center in Italy. 23 international students from Asia and Australia learned our practical methods for art examination and they were involved in field projects in Prato and Florence. We taught the first week of “Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage“, a course organized by Prof Seracini at Editech. “Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage” is a lecture course with case studies analysis and field sessions, covering techniques and methodologies applied to the field of Diagnostics of Cultural Heritage. This two-week course introduced participants to the fascinating yet very complex field of Conservation Science applied to Art, Architecture and Archaeology and allows them to have the opportunity to be directly involved in studies on CH artefacts in a lab environment and in the field, using state of the art technologies. This was the 2md year for this course, see the 2015 post.

“Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage“ Class 2016. Monash University. Prato, Italy. November 2016.

Students practiced with Pigments Checker and tested examination methods using our Technical-Photography-kit, Gorgias – Reflectance Spectrometer for Art, Antonello – Multispectral Imaging system and panoramic infrared reflectography.


This 2nd year we got 23 awesome international students!



Monash University students could practice our examination methods on the new Pigments Checker v.4. They used our Technical-Photography-kit to acquire images in the UV, VIS and IR range.


Students could practice these methods with new Pigments Checker v.4.. Pigments Checker has a set of infrared fluorescence pigments: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, cadmium green, Egyptian blue and Han blue. Students acquired IRF images and mixed them with VIS.


Students used our Technical Photography Filters set to acquire 7 different technical images with the full spectrum camera.


Students used the panoramic head for high resolution technical photography and panoramic infrared reflectography.


Students acquired Reflectance spectra of pigments on Pigments Checker using Gorgias – Reflectance Spectroscopy system for Art.