Archimedes – Multipurpose scanner for Art Diagnostics

CHSOS just lunched a new initiative: developing Archimedes, a multipurpose scanner for Art Diagnostics. It will be low-cost, mobile and lightweight.

Archimedes is developed thanks to funding collected with the “Low-cost X-Radiography for Paintings” successful crowdfunding campaign ended April 30th.

This will be a multipurpose scanner designed for traveling art diagnostics. It will fit methods such as Infrared Reflectography and X-Radiography.

One Scanner for all the imaging methods

Archimedes is just the latest of our tools for the art professional:

  • Bellini, the infrared reflectography adapter
  • Antonello, the low-cost multispectral imaging system
  • Pigments Checker, a tool to learn identification of pigments


scanner for art diagnostics Archimedes scanner for art diagnostics

Archimedes scanner for art 01