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Archimedes – Multipurpose scanner for Art Diagnostics

CHSOS  has developed Archimedes, the multipurpose scanner for Art Diagnostics. It is a modular low-cost, mobile and lightweight scanner that can accommodate a number of diagnostic imaging methods such as Technical photography, Infrared Reflectography, Multispectral Imaging, and X-Radiography.

Archimedes! One Scanner for all imaging methods

Archimedes for Paper Conservation

This scanner is particularly useful for library assets such as manuscripts, prints, and drawings that need to be kept flat. The imaging cameras can be scanned over the paper object which can safely rest on the table. Archimedes scanner can fit even a large infrared reflectography camera and it helps to acquire high-resolution imaging of the items.

Real world successful applications

Archimedes used by the Houston Museum of Natural Science to study Aztec manuscripts. CLICK