May 2016

February 2016

Scientific examination of Cultural Heritage raises awareness in local communities


Just published A. Cosentino “Scientific examination of Cultural Heritage raises awareness in local communities: The case of the newly discovered cycle of mural paintings in the Crucifix chapel (Italy)” Science Education and Civil Engagement, 8:1, 15-20, 2016. DOWNLOAD Scientific research can play a valuable and unique role in promoting cultural heritage in local [...]

Our Talk at OKOA 2016. Art Diagnostics: Low-Cost Revolution


We just delivered our talk at OKOA 2016 (in Italian). The preservation of cultural heritage is a critical civic responsibility especially in Italy where the vast cultural heritage is widespread from the renowned mega-cities of Rome, Florence and Venice to almost every village. This rich distribution of cultural heritage property demands local civic engagement simply [...]

January 2016

December 2015

2015 Review


CHSOS website has enjoyed the engagement of a wide community, we reached 6000 views / month. Art community follows our updates, requires on-site art examination or training programs. CHSOS pursues its mission to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for art examination which are being adopted by museums and cultural institutions. This knowledge is disseminated through [...]

November 2015

We invited speaker in New York and New Jersey, Nov 17-19


Next week the New York Conservation Foundation brings Dr. Antonino Cosentino to New York and NJ for three eye-opening and empowering presentations on the Cultural Heritage Science Open Source (CHSOS) system you can assemble to do the Technical Photography and Multispectral Imaging you need for Art and Archaeology full scale and microscopical investigations, examination, and [...]

September 2015

Colours 2015. Plenary Lecture


CHSOS just came back from Colours 2015 in Evora, Portugal. We gave a Plenary lecture  "Innovative and Sustainable Technical Art Examination and Color Documentation". Thanks to the organizers, and in particular to Milene Gil, Antonio Candeias and the HERCULES lab team, for this event in beautiful Evora. Scientific examination and documentation of art is expensive. The [...]

August 2015

Pigments Checker – new interactive table


We just added a new interactive table to easily retrieve technical info on each of the 54 historical pigments on our Pigments Checker. It is now immediate to read the info provided by the manufacturer and also check the 2 main web resources on artistic pigments, Pigments Through the Ages and the new Colourlex. Visit the [...]