August 2015

Our Collaborator in Italy: Terrarossa Studio


Terrarossa Studio is a group of Conservation Scientists operating in Southern Italy in different fields of cultural heritage materials analysis. We joined our expertise and skills in order to provide a more advanced service. Contact: We first got in contact when Terrarossa launched its initiative and they requested out Training program on Technical Photography [...]

July 2015

Our Collaborator in Japan: Misaki Suzuki


Misaki Suzuki has an education in Journalism pursued in San Diego, California and a keen interest in Italian Culture. She is our collaborator in Japan to disseminate CHSOS mission and to promote our educational programs in Italy about innovative and sustainable technical examination of art and archaeology for Japanese Schools. In July Misaki visited CHSOS [...]

June 2015

A lost Annunciation discovered in Sicily


Just published a brief report on the discovery of a XVIII century Annunciation hidden under a same subject XIX century painting. DOWNLOAD During the conservation of the later painting the numerous paint losses indicated to the skilled conservators that another painting was well preserved behind it and it was worth to separate them (strappo). [...]

Summer School at CHSOS Studio


We are launching the first call for interested institutes to develop educational programs for their students in collaboration with the CHSOS Studio! After 3 years of experience in delivering training programs for Institutions and private professionals, it is time to reach out to Colleges and Universities who want to offer their students the opportunity to [...]

May 2015

“Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015


CHSOS is invited speaker at “Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015. Since 2013 CHSOS has pursued diagnostics and documentation in Syracuse catacombs thanks to a research collaboration with Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra. Mural paintings and graffiti have been examined with innovative analytical and imaging technologies. CHSOS will present these studies. S. Stout, [...]