February 2015

See you at COLOURS 2015


  UPDATE! ABSTRACT DEADLINE EXTENSION May 8th. CHSOS is invited speaker and scientific advisor at COLOURS 2015. CHSOS will talk about “Innovation and Sustainability in Technical Art Examination and Color Documentation” This conference will celebrate the UNESCO declared International Year of Light and light- based Technologies. The topic would be Color in its wide perspectives in [...]

January 2015

We need you – Sicilian Carts Museum


CHSOS is promoting collaborations between the Sicilian Carts Museum and Research institutions.  This museum is located in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily) where  CHSOS operates. CHSOS wants to contribute to the museum’s development and offers itself as an intermediary between this local institution and research centers which are looking for museums to test their innovative solutions. CHSOS [...]

2014 Achievements


Thank you! CHSOS has enjoyed the engagement of a wide community. People just following the updates on the website or actually requiring art examination and training services. This community has motivated CHSOS to achieve important goals in 2014. CHSOS could pursue its mission to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for art examination which are being [...]

November 2014

Photoshop for conservators. Published paper.


Just published on e-Preservation Science: A. Cosentino, S. Stout “Photoshop and Multispectral Imaging for Art Documentation" e-PS, 2014, 11, 91-98. - Download - I want to show my appreciation for the  e-Preservation Science journal. It is one of the few open access journals related to the conservation field. They have a REAL IMPACT on conservation practices [...]

January 2014

Get out of the Lab, now!


News in Conservation (NiC) just published (issue 39, Dec 2013) a brief article that I wrote to share what I'm doing here in Sicily with other professionals: architects, archaeologists, and conservators.    The article is introduced by the editor: "A year ago NiC published an article from scientist/blogger Antonino Cosentino (NiC, Issue 34, February 2013), discussing [...]

December 2013

2013 Review


When I started my Art Documentation & Examination service I couldn’t believe it would have brought me in such many places. Started in late 2012 my first and only customer for that year was the KODE museum in Bergen, Norway, where 50 paintings by Edvard Munch where documented. But 2013 was unpredictable generous with opportunities. [...]