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December 2012

Microscopy for Art Examination: Polarizing Microscopy


This video is just an emotional collection of images. I say emotional because it is a pleasure looking at the mineral pigments under the microscope. Readings I suggest to get a serious handle of polarizing microscopy for art examination are [1, 2, 3, 4]. And if you want know EVERYTHING about pigments identification I suggest [...]

Microscopy for Art: Cross-Sections Preparation


Optical Microscopy is  affordable and provides plenty of information for art documentation and examination. Though, my feeling is that it has been overlooked in academia and in education for conservation scientists and probably also for conservators. You don't want to shoot a mosquito with a cannon, right? A good enough polarizing microscope goes for $5000 (much less on the [...]

Hand-Held Microscopy for Art Examination


USB Hand-held microscopes cost less than $200 but turn out very useful in all those cases where you cannot take samples to put under a compound microscope. A USB microscope is essentially a macro lens, the magnification is restricted and is not comparable to a standard compound light microscope but features such as grain size [...]