September 2014

eCult Ambassador


Following to CHSOS presence at the Dialogue Day in Tallin, the eCult Observatory appreciated the CHSOS effort to promote innovative, affordable and sustainable technologies for art examination and nominated CHSOS eCult ambassador. This means CHSOS will be a promoter of these innovative technologies in museums also within the eCult Observatory project. The eCult Observatory is the on-line [...]

May 2014

The Digital Invasion of Sicily #digitalinvasions


I participated to a couple of “Digital Invasion” events in Sicily this week. It is an outstanding and growing initiative. ‘Invasioni Digitali’ (Digital Invasions) are mobs of people who support museums and cultural heritage by 'invading' them and then documenting the experience on blogs and social media. The official website has a very interesting manifesto. [...]

March 2014

June 2013

Sicily Panoramas – Indiegogo Project


It is nice to have projects aside from the routine work. It makes you to connect with people outside your professional networks, which is definitely good. Since I had all that equipment for panoramic photography which I adapted for art documentation, I figured out it would have been fun to use it for actually photograph [...]

April 2013