Technical Photography represents a collection of broadband spectral images realized with a modified full spectrum digital camera and different lighting sources and filters. These useful images for art diagnostics are: Visible (VIS), Raking Light (RAK), Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF), Ultraviolet Reflected (UVR), Infrared (IR), Infrared False Color (IRFC), Infrared Fluorescence (IRF).

February 2015

Best lens for Technical Photography: Coastal Optical 60 mm TESTED


We just tested Coastal Optical 60 mm lens on our Nikon D800 for technical photography (visible, ultraviolet fluorescence, ultraviolet reflected, infrared) and infrared reflectography.  This is an  apochromatic lens in the range 310-110 nm.  Indeed, the lens didn't need any refocusing while shooting technical photos in the UV, VIS and IR region. It really resulted [...]

November 2014

Best Ultraviolet Filter


CHSOS just tested  an interferential UV/IR cut filter for Ultraviolet Fluorescence Photography (UVF). This filter is the solution to the auto fluorescence of other UV filters [1]. It is recommended for UVF close up photography. The CHSOS filter set for art examination comprises two filters for UVF photography: XNite CC1 coupled with B+W 420. The first is [...]

August 2014

New Master Thesis on Low-cost Multispectral Imaging


Camilla Perondi took a training course on multispectral imaging  last year and just recently she got her master degree in Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage. I was her co-supervisor for her thesis “2D and 3D documentation, digital preservation and valorization of cultural objects using Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras”.  She presented as case studies the art [...]

New UV lamps for Ultraviolet photography


Madatec srl  is an Italian company supplying scientific imaging and analytical equipment. We have been in touch for a while since they serve the art diagnostics and conservation sector and, such as CHSOS, it has a keen attention on exploring innovative low-cost solution. My contact at Madatec is Davide Manzini, their expert on Imaging and Spectroscopy [...]

July 2014

Belgian Association of Conservators Bulletin – Panoramic Multispectral Imaging


Just published “Panoramic Multispectral Imaging: Training and Case studies” on the Belgian Association of conservators Bulletin, 2nd Trimester, pp 7-11, 2014. David Laine, the Bulletin vice-president and painting conservator at Iparc cvba, told me that they were preparing an interesting issue on different kinds of analyses in conservation. This encouraged me to submit a paper [...]

New app for Multispectral Imaging


This application case results from a collaboration with Giovanni Landi  - a Mobile AR (Augmented Reality) solution engineer. He designs and develops mobile applications based on AR and Realtime 3D and he has a keen interest on art examination and documentation. I am collaborating with Giovanni providing multispectral imaging datasets of works of art to [...]

New multispectral camera from PixelTeq


CHSOS is collaborating with PixelTeq to evaluate a new filter-wheel based monochromatic camera tailored to the multispectral imaging examination of art. The mission of Cultural Heritage Science Open Source (CHSOS) is to promote, develop and evaluate low-cost technologies for art documentation and examination in order to benefit the largest community of medium and small museums [...]

June 2014

Infrared Photography with Nikon Micro 105mm


Just tested the great Nikon Nikkor Micro 105mm f2.8 D for infrared photography. The data are available at the Infrared Photography Lenses Database Depending on the application and the task the infrared photo should be taken, low or high aperture numbers could be necessary. For the specific needs of infrared photography for art documentation it [...]

May 2014

Pigments Checker


For those who take the 5 days train­ing course it is pro­vided a free Pig­ments checker. This is a col­lec­tion of swatches of 54 his­tor­i­cal pig­ments that have been applied using gum Ara­bic as a binder on a cel­lu­lose and cot­ton water­color paper, acids and lignin free, com­mer­cial­ized by “Fab­ri­ano”, 270gr/m2. This paper is not [...]