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June 2016

Training in Costa Rica – December 13-15 / 2016


Training on Low-cost methods for Art Examination - December / 13-15 / 2016, Costa Rica Our Training course is aimed to art and archaeology  professionals that want to add new technical examination tools to their skills.  This course is developed in collaboration with the Chemistry Department, University of Costa Rica. Click HERE for more info and registration [...]

May 2016

Infrared Reflectography (900-1700 nm) of Pigments Checker


Check out the Infrared Reflectography (IRR) image of Pigments Checker v.3. Pigments Checker is a collection of pigments important in art history. Among all the pigments and their varieties ever used in art this collection selects the most used from antiquity to early 1950’. Pigments Checker is a standard tool designed for Art professionals, scientists, students [...]

Techniques to reveal hidden paintings: a case study


Just published "L’Annunciazione ritrovata. Nunziata di Mascali, Sicilia". A. Cosentino, Giovanni Calvagna, Giuseppe Calvagna, C. Calvagna, C. L. Dandolo, P. Uhd Jepsen “L’Annunciazione ritrovata. Nunziata di Mascali, Sicilia” Archeomatica 1, 44-48 2016. DOWNLOAD Techniques to reveal hidden paintings: X-Radiography, infrared photography and infrared reflectography The town of Nunziata di Mascali, Sicily, [...]

April 2016

3D laser scanning and Technical Photography for wall paintings


Just published  CHSOS provides technical examination and documentation of wall paintings and this paper provides a new insight into the combination of Technical Photography and  3D laser scanning for archaeology. This paper presents the outcomes of a multidisciplinary study conducted on the fresco palimpsest of the byzantine oratory (region C) of the Catacombs of Saint Lucia in [...]

March 2016

Multispectral Imaging on Guercino at Art Defender, Bologna


We have been collaborating with Alessandro Fiamingo who has taken our Training program. He is currently working at Art Defender, Bologna. We have just tested our Multispectral Imaging system  on one of the paintings of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Guercino (1591-1666) belonging to the fine arts museum in Cento, Italy and stored at Art Defender. Multispectral Imaging [...]

February 2016

Scientific examination of Cultural Heritage raises awareness in local communities


Just published A. Cosentino “Scientific examination of Cultural Heritage raises awareness in local communities: The case of the newly discovered cycle of mural paintings in the Crucifix chapel (Italy)” Science Education and Civil Engagement, 8:1, 15-20, 2016. DOWNLOAD Scientific research can play a valuable and unique role in promoting cultural heritage in local [...]

Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination


Just published Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination. A. Cosentino “Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination” e-Preservation Science, 13, 1-6, 2016. This paper discusses technical photographic methods based on the extended infrared sensitivity of a digital camera modified with the removal of the in-built hot mirror filter on the CCD or CMOS sensor, which in [...]