January 2015

Focus Stacking made simple!


CHSOS just added STACKSHOT to its instruments in order to document small artistic and historical objects. STACKSHOT is an automated macro rail for focus stacking and it's coupled with Helicon Remote and Helicon Focus to shoot and elaborate the stacked images. Focus stacking macro photography Photographing small objects that are flat is pretty simple and straightforward. On [...]

December 2013

Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging


The wonderful e-conservation Magazine is now a Journal, and I’m honored that their first number hosts a paper of mine where I discuss some macro photographic methods for RTI, Reflectance Transformation Imaging, to document sub-millimeter surface details on works of art: A. Cosentino “Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging: A Practical Guide to the Highlights [...]

February 2013

Polarized Light Photography for Art Documentation


We do run a lot of initiatives, Stay on top of things! Polarized Light Photography eliminates surface reflections and it's used by professional photographers for high quality documentation of art. The American Institute of Conservation guide to digital photography has in the chapter "Visible Light Photography" a short paragraph on "Polarized Illumination" [1]. This [...]

November 2012

Color Management for Paintings Documentation


Color accuracy is of the most importance in art documentation, especially when it comes to paintings.  I want blog here about my color management workflow and tools. Here is a video of the color management workflow processes  I describe below. http://youtu.be/AcG7h90rHx0   Step 1. Camera Calibration.  Due to differences in technologies and variables in manufacturing processes every camera [...]

Sharpness in paintings photography: Mirrors UP!!!


I want share with you some observations on sharpness for painting documentation in normal (visible) photography. Mirror lock-up shutter mode considerably increases sharpness. Mirror-lock Up mode. First I want to introduce you to the mirror-lock up mode  that professional DSLR (Digital Single lens reflex) cameras have. This is really useful and you must [...]

High Dynamic Range Imaging – Toward Better Documentation of paintings


Photographing works of art, paintings, as I work mostly with them, is always raising questions and discussions about the “exact” rendition of colors. Is there a way to get the actual colors of a painting in a scientific way?  No, there is not. We have to accept it. We can’t just using a photo camera. [...]

October 2012

Gigapan, High Resolution Imaging made easy


I can barely pay my bills! so I figured out I could be better off making panoramic imaging and the Gigapan  EPIC Pro is awesome. Basically, this is what Google Art project does to produce the Gigapixel images of artworks. Gigapan EPIC Pro it's still affordable, a bit expensive - maybe - if we consider [...]