June 2016

Free Raman Database of Pigments Checker


We just published the new Free Raman Spectroscopy Database of Pigments Checker.  Read more: “Pigments Checker version 3.0, a handy set for conservation scientists: A free online Raman spectra database” . Read all the technical details in this paper: M.C. Caggiani, A. Cosentino, A. Mangone “Pigments Checker version 3.0, a handy set for conservation scientists: [...]

April 2016

Reflectance spectroscopy of new pigments


We just updated our database of Reflectance spectra of pigments with the new 4 pigments added in Pigments Checker v.3. DOWNLOAD Reflectance Database: A. Cosentino “FORS spec­tral data­base of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments in dif­fer­ent binders” e-conservation Jour­nal 2, 57–68, 2014. We added Reflectance spectra of bitumen, chrome yellow, cobalt blue and cobalt chromite blue. Pigments Checker is a [...]

August 2014

Fors, Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy (for Italian readers)


Published on Archeomatica, 1 Marzo 2014  a paper, for Italian readers, introducing the miniaturized spectrometers for Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy. This paper shows the results of the testing of a FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy) system assembled with Ocean Optics components and featuring a USB4000 miniaturized and low cost spectrometer. The small dimensions and little [...]

April 2014

Identification of pigments by multispectral imaging: a flowchart method


A paper on Multispectral Imaging has been published on Heritage Science, "Identification of pigments by multispectral imaging a flowchart method" 2:8, 2014. In this paper I provide a flowchart method to use the multispectral imaging to tentatively identify pigments. I have been posting extensively on this idea for a while on the “Cultural Heritage Science Open [...]

November 2013

April 2013

Ultramarine. One pigment, many qualities


Natural ultramarine was and it's still today a very expensive pigment. The synthetic version of this pigment is called French Ultramarine and was developed in the nineteenth century. It almost replaced the super expensive natural ultramarine in the artists' palette . This post regards only the natural pigment. I started this little experiments since I [...]

March 2013

Technical Photography of Madder Lake


Madder lake is reported in literature to have a characteristic pinkish-orange UV fluorescence, both in microscopy cross-sections imaging [1] and UV Fluorescence Photography [4]. Madder lake is the only historical red lake known for showing UV fluorescence. So, its UV fluorescence allows its identification. Though, I never could observe any UV fluorescence in my madder lake [...]

January 2013

Winsor & Newton Gouache: Multispectral Imaging


Gouache, from the Italian guazzo, is a method of painting with opaque colors ground in water and thickened with gum and honey. The Head of Conservation at The Bergen Museum of Art, MSc. Yngve Magnusson, was so kind to send me over a Winsor and Newton Color Chart of Designer's Gouache to  be tested by Technical [...]

Technical Photography of Historical Pigments


We do run a lot of initiatives, Stay on top of things! I'm sharing in this post the Technical Photography images of my Historical Pigments swatches collection painted with gum arabic. I used a Nikon D800 36 MP modified for UV-VIS-IR and the set of filters for multispectral imaging described here. All the [...]