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March 2016

Photography of ancient coins: RTI guide


RTI for Art and Archaeology Photographing ancient coins is a pretty difficult task because of their reflective and uneven surface. RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) is a computational photographic technique used in a number of fields related to art examination and documentation. RTI provides a virtual and enhanced visualization of an object’s surface where the lighting direction [...]

May 2015

“Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015


CHSOS is invited speaker at “Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015. Since 2013 CHSOS has pursued diagnostics and documentation in Syracuse catacombs thanks to a research collaboration with Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra. Mural paintings and graffiti have been examined with innovative analytical and imaging technologies. CHSOS will present these studies. S. Stout, [...]

March 2015

How to document Historical Graffiti in Catacombs


This new paper discusses  RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) for documenting historical graffiti in Catacombs. Historical graffiti  provide unique information on the uses of the catacombs over the centuries. Some of the graffiti of the catacombs of San Giovanni are contemporary with the epoch of the paintings that bear them (late antiquity), while others have been incised by [...]

June 2014

Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) with Arduino


Arduino comes useful in many applications and  even in art examination. I used it for Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. It just turned invaluable also for RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging). I had to do RTI documentation of graffiti in Syracuse catacombs and since the graffiti were over a mural painting it wasn’t easy to measure the distance between the [...]

RTI experts in Cyprus


CHSOS was invited to deliver a talk on how Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)  is applied for art documentation.RTI is a relevant part of the imaging documentation services in particular when it comes to prints and paintings examination. As part of the LinkSCEEM-2 Project, The Cyprus Institute in collaboration with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University [...]

December 2013

Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging


The wonderful e-conservation Magazine is now a Journal, and I’m honored that their first number hosts a paper of mine where I discuss some macro photographic methods for RTI, Reflectance Transformation Imaging, to document sub-millimeter surface details on works of art: A. Cosentino “Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging: A Practical Guide to the Highlights [...]

April 2013

Identify Prints. Relief, Intaglio, Engraving and Etching


We do run a lot of initiatives, Stay on top of things! Looking at old and new prints with an USB microscope is revealing and with some experience can lead to their identification. Printmaking history is fascinating as well as a complex subject. I like to share in this post some basic hints [...]

December 2012

RTI Reflectance Transformation Imaging: tips and tricks


We do run a lot of initiatives, Stay on top of things! This blog is a brief intro to RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) and my personal tips and tricks. You find everything on the website of the group developing the tool. Painting is ready for Reflectance Transformation Imaging Documentation. The [...]