January 2015

We need you – Sicilian Carts Museum


CHSOS is promoting collaborations between the Sicilian Carts Museum and Research institutions.  This museum is located in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily) where  CHSOS operates. CHSOS wants to contribute to the museum’s development and offers itself as an intermediary between this local institution and research centers which are looking for museums to test their innovative solutions. CHSOS [...]

December 2014

Augmented Reality App for conservators


CHSOS presented with University of California San Diego an Augmented Reality app – ARtifact [1]. This app uses the see-through camera on tablets to recognize the work of art being studied and overlay elements of diagnostic imaging and analytical data. This app allows to merge imaging data and spectral analysis in one singular platform, where [...]

July 2014

New app for Multispectral Imaging


This application case results from a collaboration with Giovanni Landi  - a Mobile AR (Augmented Reality) solution engineer. He designs and develops mobile applications based on AR and Realtime 3D and he has a keen interest on art examination and documentation. I am collaborating with Giovanni providing multispectral imaging datasets of works of art to [...]

October 2013

Tablets and Multispectral Imaging on Archeomatica


This September I was  doing a 3 weeks training on multispectral imaging for the Ecuadorian Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural in Quito, Ecuador, when I got the news that it was just published on Archeomatica my paper on the use of tablets for multispectral imaging analysis of art work,  "Ipad e tablet per l’indagine multispettrale [...]