September 2016

Training for art collectors from Mexico


Just delivered a 3-days Training program, Sept 14-16 2016 for two participants from Mexico. Miguel and Beatriz came from Monterrey to take our training and, as usual,  enjoy Sicily.   Art examination methods tested during this training Our students and training around the world Next Training: Costa Rica   [...]

December 2015

Training a Fine Art Photographer


We just delivered a 3-days Training program to Rene Gerritsen, Fine Art Photographer in Amsterdam. He generously contributed to our Low-cost Multispectral Imaging Crowd funding Campaign. We covered technical photography, infrared reflectography, reflectance spectroscopy, multispectral imaging and RTI. The 3rd day we moved to Savoca for field project in collaboration with Save The Soul of [...]

October 2015

Training Conservators: San Antonio, TEXAS


We just delivered a 3-days training program for 3 new guests, Dennis and Pam from San Antonio, Texas and Alessandro, an Italian conservation scientist.  Dennis and Pam Baltuskonis own Art Conservation Services in San Antonio, Texas  and they are our Intl collaborators. Alessandro works in Bologna, Italy, for a company that stores and transports Fine Art and [...]

Training Fine Art Appraisers


We just delivered a 4-days training program for a Fine Art appraiser visiting CHSOS studio from Orlando, Florida, USA. Dennis Devona is a USPAP Certified Appraiser and he runs ARTIFACTS LLC Appraisals. He has being buying and selling Antiques and Fine Arts for over 40 years in all categories as well as pursuing research for [...]

February 2015

Training a Conservator and an Art historian


February 2015 Training program was just delivered to a young conservator from Italy, Flavia Gazineo and Luz Rodriguez from London. Flavia studied as a conservation scientist and after achieving her master degree she has been working in Academia research for 3 years and for conservation companies in Italy and Malta, collecting 5 years experience on [...]

April 2014

Training an Art Diagnostics start-up company


I just gave a training course on Multispectral Imaging and Technical photographic methods to an Art Diagnostics start-up company in Andria, Italy: Terrarossa Studio. The start-up is composed of 3 young cultural heritage scientists, Grazia Ruggiero, Floriana Salvemini and Cristina Caggiani. Floriana and Cristina just got their PhD on analytical methods for art diagnostics in Florence [...]

February 2014

Training a young conservation scientist


Silvia Amato is a young conservation scientist. She has been a follower of the “Cultural Heritage Science Open Source” blog and she decided to take the training in multispectral imaging. My goal is to deliver to the professionals I am working with a program that is shaped specifically on their educational background and their goals. This is [...]

January 2014

Istanbul conservator training in Sicily


Muge Uckan took my training on multispectral imaging for art examination in November. She was trained as a painting conservator in Istanbul, the town she currently lives, and in Florence. She’s exploring possibilities to introduce the multispectral imaging  service in Turkey. As usual, I like to have the training students involved in the art examination [...]