October 2015

Training Fine Art Appraisers


We just delivered a 4-days training program for a Fine Art appraiser visiting CHSOS studio from Orlando, Florida, USA. Dennis Devona is a USPAP Certified Appraiser and he runs ARTIFACTS LLC Appraisals. He has being buying and selling Antiques and Fine Arts for over 40 years in all categories as well as pursuing research for [...]

September 2015

December 4-6 Training course


We are ready for the upcoming December 4-6 3-days training course. MORE INFO Contact us now for info: antoninocose@gmail.com CHSOS delivers a full hands-on training on affordable and sustainable methods for Art Examination and Documentation. We now can also provide training on Multispectral Imaging with our new system developed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign! We got 43 contributions [...]

July 2015

Participate! October 23-25 Training course


We are ready for the upcoming October 23-25 3-days training course. Contact me NOW for info about joining October training program. CHSOS delivers a full hands-on training on Multispectral Imaging with our new system developed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign ended in May! We just got over funded and we collected 203% of the goal funding in [...]

June 2015

Participate! June 22-24 Training course


We are ready for the upcoming June 22-24 training course. We scheduled 3 days. The June course was activated by Siobhan Conyngham. There is room for 2 other participants.  Contact me NOW for info about joining the June training program. Siobhan is a well-established Fine art conservator-restorer at her own studio (Siobhan Conyngham Fine Art Conservation) in Monaghan, Ireland. She [...]

May 2015

Free eBook “Success Stories: eCultValue”


Our Sicilian Carts Museum features in the eCult interactive book (pp 65-66) "Success Stories: eCultValue". Read it !!! CHSOS was at the eCult Winter Stage, Athens, Greece, December 8-9 2014. To advance cultural experience through the use of ICT, was the topic of the Winter Stage, organised by the eCultValue project together with the Acropolis Museum.  "There was a [...]

March 2015

Training for a Conservation Studio in Vicenza, Italy


CHSOS just delivered a training program on Technical Photography (TP) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) to the Arlango Art Conservation team (Vicenza, Italy). This training was part of the Action Research “Optical Techniques for advanced on site Diagnostics of works of art”, partially funded by Veneto region within the European Social Fund. This initiative between the University of Verona and Arlango Conservation [...]

February 2015

Training a Conservator and an Art historian


February 2015 Training program was just delivered to a young conservator from Italy, Flavia Gazineo and Luz Rodriguez from London. Flavia studied as a conservation scientist and after achieving her master degree she has been working in Academia research for 3 years and for conservation companies in Italy and Malta, collecting 5 years experience on [...]

January 2015

Great! Training and TECHNART in April


Great opportunity! CHSOS has scheduled its April Training program close to TECHNART  conference in Catania, Sicily. Participants while in Catania can also enjoy TECHNART, an international conference on Non-destructive and microanalytical techniques in art and cultural heritage. “The aim of TECHNART 2015 is to provide a scientific forum to present and promote the use of analytical spectroscopy [...]

December 2014

Training for the Cyprus Institute


Just delivered a training program for a researcher of the prestigious Cyprus Institute -Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) and Imaging Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (ICACH). Next training program is scheduled Feb 2-5 2015 and booking is available until Dec 31st. INFO HERE. The next training will enjoy the collaboration with PixelTeq [...]