September 2014

We made the cover story! Discovered Frescoes in Sicily

Just published on the free online magazine, Archeomatica, 2, 2014. This paper presents the discovery of these frescoes and their examination performed with technical photography, XRF, and FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy).  This paper steams from a collaboration that CHSOS has had  with University of California San Diego (XRF spectroscopy) and GHT Photonics (FORS spectroscopy) [...]

August 2014

New Master Thesis on Low-cost Multispectral Imaging

Camilla Perondi took a training course on multispectral imaging  last year and just recently she got her master degree in Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage. I was her co-supervisor for her thesis “2D and 3D documentation, digital preservation and valorization of cultural objects using Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras”.  She presented as case studies the art [...]

July 2014

Arduino for Panoramic Infrared Reflectography

For those who take the 5 days train­ing course on multispectral imaging and technical 2D and 3D photographic methods  can be provided on request an Arduino programmed circuit board for Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. The Arduino solution was proposed in this post “Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. Arduino electronics”.  The panoramic method was introduced in the post “Panoramic Infrared [...]

Belgian Association of Conservators Bulletin – Panoramic Multispectral Imaging

Just published “Panoramic Multispectral Imaging: Training and Case studies” on the Belgian Association of conservators Bulletin, 2nd Trimester, pp 7-11, 2014. David Laine, the Bulletin vice-president and painting conservator at Iparc cvba, told me that they were preparing an interesting issue on different kinds of analyses in conservation. This encouraged me to submit a paper [...]

May 2014

Training / Costs and fees

  CHSOS disseminates low-cost imaging methods for art documentation through the blog and the training programs. I have been asked how much that it will cost. It is pretty straitghforward. You'll contact me and we'll discuss length, dates and topics based on your expectations, needs and your actual background and skills. The training can take place [...]

Pigments Checker

For those who take the 5 days train­ing course it is pro­vided a free Pig­ments checker. This is a col­lec­tion of swatches of 54 his­tor­i­cal pig­ments that have been applied using gum Ara­bic as a binder on a cel­lu­lose and cot­ton water­color paper, acids and lignin free, com­mer­cial­ized by “Fab­ri­ano”, 270gr/m2. This paper is not [...]

April 2014

Training an Art Diagnostics start-up company

I just gave a training course on Multispectral Imaging and Technical photographic methods to an Art Diagnostics start-up company in Andria, Italy: Terrarossa Studio. The start-up is composed of 3 young cultural heritage scientists, Grazia Ruggiero, Floriana Salvemini and Cristina Caggiani. Floriana and Cristina just got their PhD on analytical methods for art diagnostics in Florence [...]

February 2014

Training a young conservation scientist

Silvia Amato is a young conservation scientist. She has been a follower of the “Cultural Heritage Science Open Source” blog and she decided to take the training in multispectral imaging. My goal is to deliver to the professionals I am working with a program that is shaped specifically on their educational background and their goals. This is [...]

January 2014

Istanbul conservator training in Sicily

Muge Uckan took my training on multispectral imaging for art examination in November. She was trained as a painting conservator in Istanbul, the town she currently lives, and in Florence. She’s exploring possibilities to introduce the multispectral imaging  service in Turkey. As usual, I like to have the training students involved in the art examination [...]