Imaging Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon

This new paper is a valid example of the application of non‐invasive imaging methods (technical photography and multispectral imaging) before and after the conservation treatment of a work of art. Read our latest publication Pre and post Conservation Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon from Taormina, Sicily This paper reports on the [...]

Free XRF Spectroscopy Database of Pigments Checker

Just published new paper DOWNLOAD NOW  Pigments Checker is a collection of swatches of historical pigments that offers art professionals, conservation scientists, conservators and fine art photographers, a tool to evaluate and test their imaging and spectroscopic methodologies for pigment identification. “Pigments Checker Free Spectra Database” is an ongoing project that wants to thoroughly characterize each pigment in [...]

Low cost multispectral imaging

Our new low-cost Multispectral Imaging system was presented at RECH3, III International meeting on Retouching of cultural heritage, in Porto, Portugal. Read the postprint: A. Cosentino “Crowd funded research: low-cost multispectral imaging” RECH3, International meeting on Retouching of cultural heritage. 2015 This paper introduces the low-cost multispectral imaging (MSI) system for Art and [...]

Imaging the Codex Xolotl and Mapa Quinatzin

Learn about the Technical Photography examination of the Codex Xolotl and Mapa Quinatzin. The Houston Museum published an article on our latest examination in Paris at the Bibliothèque National de France.  We provide onsite technical examination of manuscripts to identify their materials and to enhance their reading. We also provide scientific equipment and we organize training programs to learn [...]

Summer Training 2016 – Low-cost methods for Art Examination

We successfully completed our first Summer Training on Low-cost methods for Art Examination. We got 5 students from Italy, Poland, Spain and Greece. Our Training courses are aimed to art conservation professionals that want to add new technical examination tools to their skills. Our Summer Training programs are only open to students currently enrolled in [...]

Technical Photography at la Bibliothèque Nationale de France

For French speakers. CLICK and read about the technical documentation of the Aztec Codex Xolotl and Mapa Quinatzin at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. . Le CHSOS (Cultural Heritage Science Open Source) a récemment été sollicité pour appliquer des méthodes d’imagerie scientifiquepour documenter le Codex Xolotl (Mexicain 1-10) et le Mapa Quinatzin (Mexicain 11-12) conservés [...]

How to examine Technical photos on Photoshop

We provide technical photography documentation service for different kinds of art and archaeology. We deliver to you a set of technical images that reveal important information on your piece of art. This video illustrates how you can use our set of Technical photography images with Photoshop to examine your object. Technical Photography (TP) for Art [...]

Crowdfunding per il patrimonio culturale nei centri storici minori

Just published a new paper, sorry, only Italian readers Pasquale, A. Cosentino “Crowdfunding per il patrimonio culturale nei centri storici minori” Archeomatica, 2, 12-14, 2016. FREE DOWNLOAD Funding granted by the State and local authorities is the main source for initiatives related to cultural heritage conservation. However, the current economic situation has led [...]