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Low-cost X-Radiography for Paintings. Our 2nd crowdfunded Research initiative.

Low-cost X-Radiography 300


In 2015 we made a low-cost Multispectral Imaging system for Art thanks to a crowdfunded research initiative.

Now we launch our 2nd crowdfunding campaign: low-cost X-Radiography for paintings.

We want to build a low-cost and portable X-radiography scanner. Dentists’ X-Radiography equipment is cheap and digital. We’ll use that technology to build a X-radiography scanner for paintings.

We need your help to raise 10,000 euro and start working on this project. To say THANK YOU we offer contributors 20% OFF on Pigments Checker and 30% OFF on training programs in 2017 including a new X-Radiography module.



Note: X-radiation is dangerous. Be sure to have all the necessary authorization in your Country to operate an X-ray tube. CHSOS follows Italian guidelines for operate with ionizing radiation.


How to contribute (until April 30th):

X-Radiography scanner and Training. 2920 euro (0nly 5 available)

You will get our new scanner and our  training module on X-Radiography (onsite or online). The scanner DOES NOT include the X-tube and the X-ray imaging detector. You will purchase these on your own (about 4,000 euro). We’ll instruct you how to assemble the system and operate the scanner.

Pigments Checker. 390 euro (only 5 available)

20% OFF on our new Pigments Checker V.3, Get it for 390 euro instead of 490 euro. Shipping included. Version 3 has four new pigments.

3-days Training programs. 1680 euro (only 5 available)

30% OFF on our 3-days Training programs in 2017. (2400 euro) 1680 euro. You can choose any of the 6 scheduled programs in 2017 (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec). October program will be in US. These programs include an X-Radiography module with a demo of the new X-radiography scanner.

X-radiography for paintings