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Antonello – low-cost Multispectral Imaging (MSI) System

In Brief

We developed a low-cost Multispectral Imaging (MSI) system to spread the use of this methodology across Art Conservation professionals and institutions.
The MSI system was developed thanks to “Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology”,  a crowd-funded Research Project promoted by CHSOS. We got 43 contributions from 16 Countries. See the campaign on Indiegogo. MSI is not invasive and it is successfully used in art examination to map and identify pigments, to localize retouches and to enhance the reading of faded documents.


  • user-friendly
  • compact and lightweight
  • easy to understand, tune up and upgrade
  • cover the 400-920 nm spectral range
  • can be used with digital cameras modified “full spectrum” to cover the 360-1100 nm range. Camera is not included.


Full Spectrum modified Digital Camera (Nikon D800) (Not Included)


This camera is sensitive approximately to the 360-1100 nm range and it is the same camera we use for the Technical Photography methods, RTI and 3D Photo modeling. We save money and we make our Imaging Diagnostic equipment compact and lightweight.

HINT. Just one camera for all the Imaging Techniques!

18 Filters set

We use 18 filters just 1”diameter. Since they are small, they cost less. They have the same bandwidth (10 nm) but we chose the center wavelength of each filter based on historical pigments' spectral features.

HINT. You can add as many filters you want. You can tune up this system for your specific research goals.


Filters set: 3350 euro + 20 euro (shipping and handling)
Filters set Travel BOX

We 3D printed a travel box to host the 18 filters.

HINT. Compact and sturdy, it keeps the filters in the right order.


Filters set Travel BOX: 190 euro + 20 euro (shipping and handling)
MSI Calibration Card

Commercial gray cards for photography cannot be used as in-scene references for multispectral imaging since they absorb near UV and violet radiation. We developed a gray card to cover the 400-1000 nm spectral range.

HINT. It comes free with Pigments Checker v .2.1 and later.


MSI Calibration card: 130 euro + 20 euro (shipping and handling)
1" Filters adapter

We 3D printed an adapter to mount the bandpass filters on any photographic lens.

Filters adapter : 310 euro + 20 euro (shipping and handling)

A complete workflow for spectral images calibration, registration, and pigments mapping.


Our Research on Multispectral Imaging

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