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CHSOS it’s  committed to make the examination time as much productive as possible.  Please, read this checklist in order to be prepared

Examination Room

  • Size at least 4×6 m.
  • Room must be pitch dark.
  • Electrical power outlet in the room for up to 2000 W.


Consider 1 hour to set up the equipment and 3 hours for examination and documentation of each painting.

Preparing your Art for examination

The paintings should be already removed from their frames.

Raw Data on-site delivery

Raw images and any material produced during the examination belong to you and it is delivered at the end of the examination. Please, for each painting provide at least 10GB of free space on storage devices such as USB sticks and USB external drives.

Processed Images and Report

Within 2 week the processed images will be uploaded on a private internet folder and for 30 days this material will be available for download.

Viewing software

Processed images are in JPEG format, so, no specific software needed. For the RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) file it is necessary to download and install an RTI viewer from here.


In order to perform the Multispectral Imaging Documentation a 4x6m free space required is set up as a photographic studio. The documentation follows these steps:

1. Visible photography (VIS)

2. Ultraviolet photography (UVF, UVR)

3. Infrared photography (IR, IRF)

4. Infrared Reflectography (IRR)

5. USB microscopy


Direct Flights from Catania Airport

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