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Pigments Checker v.3


Version 3.0

This version 3.0 has major changes.

  • Binder. The pigments are mulled into an acrylic binder (Primal CM-330) which is added as needed for each pigment and applied with brush. This new acrylic binder will better preserve the pigments over time.
  • Replaced pigments. Madder lake from Kremer (372051) is discontinued and it is replaced by Madder lake from Cornelissen, LC12061A.
  • Added pigments.We  added 4 new pigments and the collection: Bitumen (Zecchi 0098), Cobalt blue (cobalt aluminate, Zecchi C0953),  Cobalt Chromite blue (cobalt chromite, Zecchi C0040), and Chrome yellow (Cornelissen LC11053F).


 Technical Photography of Pigments Checker v.3